Le Petit Shark Pool Center Re-Opens Reply

June 2000 — Summer has arrived in Sunset Valley and Local Representative Vita Alto wants residents to know that Le Petit Shark Pool Center is the perfect place to cool off. “It is imperative that we re-vitalize our community areas to make them attractive places for families to visit. We would hate for our residents to feel the need to travel outside of Sunset Valley’s borders when they can enjoy themselves right at home,” says Mrs. Alto.

Upon entering the pool center, guests will first notice the new grill. Mrs. Alto explains, “People were already bringing their picnic baskets to the pool. The grill will give them additional lunch options.”

A shower was also installed near the restrooms so that guests can rinse the chlorine off their bodies before moving on to their next activity. “Le Petit Shark is a family-friendly environment,” Mrs. Alto reminds us, “so please remember to shower with your bathing suit on.”

During the dog days of summer, guests can find additional shade under the new umbrellas in the patio area. Or, if they don’t mind absorbing the UV rays, they can relax in the pool itself on the new loungers, available for hourly rental at the kiosk.

Perhaps the biggest attraction to Le Petit Shark Pool Center will be the new diving board.

Guests may have to be patient to wait their turn at making a big splash.

Mrs. Alto says opening weekend at the pool was a success. “I have not seen this many Sims at Le Petit since I was a young girl.It’s nice to see the residents pull themselves away from their tvs, computers, and video games and enjoy some good, clean fun at the pool!”

The pool is located at 520 Mirabello Road. Come take a dip today!


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