Cornelia Goth Embraces Heritage Reply

June 2000Cornelia Goth has just returned from what she calls a “life-altering” trip. “I went to visit my cousins in Moonlight Falls this spring, and I learned so much about my heritage. I never realized how in tune my family is to nature.”

Her cousins, Beatrice, Belinda, and Bianca introduced her to a practice called “alchemy.” When people think of alchemy, they tend to think of someone in a pointy hat, crouched over a cauldron, plotting to turn people into toads.

Mrs. Goth says that couldn’t be further from the truth, “Alchemy is more science than hocus-pocus. By understanding how the elements that make up the many plants and minerals found in our area can benefit our body, we can develop chemical-free remedies for many of our illnesses and disorders. Cures found in nature are surely better for you than the toxins manufactured in labs.”

Alchemy is more than a hobby to Mrs. Goth. She has gone to City Hall and has registered as a licensed alchemist. “I am still learning my craft, but I hope to open up an all-natural clinic soon for those wanting an alternative to Sacred Spleen.”


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