Aging, Rounds, and Seasons 2

A Sim-Year
I was inspired by a great post from Rachel at New Rochelle, and I am following her model with a few changes. Like Rachel, my Sim-Years last forty-eight days, and I play each family for four days which is a Sim-month. (Sims will continue to age while I am not playing them.) Seasons are twelve days each which is equivalent to three months. The lunar cycle is set to the maximum. It really should only be four days, but I don’t want to deal with the full moon that often. I have also installed Rachel’s 36-day pregnancy mod, so Sim pregnancies are nine months long.

A Sim lifespan is as follows (1 Sim day = 1 week):

Baby – 24 days (0 to 6 months)
Toddler – 168 days (6 months to 4 years)
Child – 384 days (4 years to 12 years)
Teen – 336 days (12 years to 19 years)
Young Adult – 1008 days (19 years to 40 years)
Adult – 1440 days (40 years to 70 years)
Elder – minimum of 240 days (elders will live at least to age 75)

I was able to create this life span using Laura’s wonderful tutorial. Incidentally, this is my Long lifespan. In my Short lifespan, 1 Sim day = 1 year. In my Medium lifespan, 1 Sim day = 1 season (three months). In my Normal lifespan, 1 Sim day = 1 month. And, in my Epic lifespan, 1 Sim day = 1 day!

In addition to having an actual birth year, my Sims also have a birth month based on their astrological sign:

Capricorn – January
Aquarius – February
Pisces – March
Aries – April
Taurus – May
Gemini – June
Cancer – July
Leo – August
Virgo – September
Libra – October
Scorpio – November
Sagittarius – December

A note about Fertility…
Since my Sims will be adults until age 70, I needed a way to stop them from getting pregnant at unreasonable ages. When a Sim hits 40, I block Twallan’s Story Progression from getting them pregnant by setting the “Allow Pregnancy: Progression” setting to false. I leave the “Allow Pregnancy: Any” set as true which will allow me to manually get them pregnant if they roll a wish for a baby or if they have the Surrounded by Family lifetime wish. However, at age 40, it is presumed that the Sim underwent a fertility treatment, so the chance of twins and triplets is higher and the family must pay a fee to cover fertility treatments. After age 45, “Allow Pregnancy: Any” is set to false, so that the Sim is not able to get pregnant at all.



    • So far the system is working well. I have played all the way through Summer. The other nice thing is that I can adjust Twallan’s Story Progression mod to work with the longer life span so that Sims will stay in a dating relationship longer before tying the knot or breaking up. I was also worried that with the longer lifespan siblings might be born in the same year, but with Twallan’s mod I can specify a “cool off” period between pregnancies so that they will be realistically spread out.

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