Alto Ousted Over Allegations Reply

July 2000--It’s the scandal of the year! Local Representative Vita Alto has resigned over allegations that she stole money from the Community Improvement Fund. The Sunset Valley City Treasurer reported that 300,000 Simoleons of the Le Petit Shark Pool Center Fund went missing last month. Mrs. Alto’s bank records were subpoenaed last week, and someone close to the investigation revealed that Mrs. Alto received an anonymous donation last month in the same amount.

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Alto tendered her resignation at City Hall. Our reporters tried to get a statement from her, but she refused to comment. Her husband, Nick Alto, however, did agree to speak with us. “These allegations against my wife are outrageous. Vita Alto has faithfully served the Sunset Valley community for nearly two decades. Clearly, someone is jealous of her and fabricated this story.”

A confidant of the Alto family said that Mrs. Alto was devastated and could barely pull herself out of bed. Mr. Alto denied this claim. “That is utterly preposterous. Vita Alto fears no one. Vita Alto cowers to no one. She is simply resting and re-grouping.”

When asked if his recent resignation from Goth Industries had anything to do with the allegations against his wife, Mr. Alto responded, “Certainly not! I will always have fond memories of my tenure at Goth Industries, but it is time for me to move on to other endeavors.” Mr. Alto also made it clear that he is standing by his woman. “I have been and will continue to be by my wife’s side every step of the way. Vita Alto will return to the political arena, and she will be the leader of the free world one day. Mark my words.”