August 2000 Birthdays Reply

The following residents are celebrating a birthday this month.

Sunset Valley
Sam Sekemoto – 1
Irene Funke – 7
Spencer Funke – 7
Monika Morris – 24
Victoria Andrews – 41
Vita Alto – 42
Aimee Williams – 42
Jack Bunch – 45
Boyd Wainwright – 45


July 2000 Letters to the Editor Reply

Resignation my foot! Vita Alto scurried away from City Hall like the rat she is because she knew she would be impeached otherwise. I’m not sad to see her go. It’s time for someone with fresh, relevant ideas to guide our town. I hope you will stand with me in supporting Tori Kimura for Local Representative!

Madison VanWatson
Sunset Valley

* * *

I was shocked and saddened at the resignation of Vita Alto. Vita has been my mentor for many years. I would caution anyone who wants to hurl insults at Vita. Though her records may have been subpoenaed, no charges have been pressed against her. In this land, everyone is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Jennifer Martinez
Sunset Valley

* * *

I applaud Nick Alto for his relentless dedication to his wife. I hope the men of Sunset Valley will follow his shining example.

Molly French
Sunset Valley

* * *

I was disappointed that this newspaper spent so much time covering the Alto scandal, that it failed to cover the Llamas’ upset of the Dire Chinchillas last week. The Dire Chinchillas had a perfect record until our team trounced them with a score of 20 – 3. Please remember that there are other newsworthy items besides politics.

Marty “The Mojo” Keaton
Sunset Valley

Vita Makes a Splash Reply

July 2000-The party at the Alto mansion last Sunday was supposed to be a political gala celebrating the successful relaunch of the Le Petit Shark Pool Center. Given Vita Alto’s recent scandal and resignation, she opted to have a pool party for her closest friends and loyal supporters instead.

The party wasn’t just for show. Vita personally greeted her guests and engaged them in conversation.

One guest in particular caught our attention.

Holly Alto’s beau from the festival was there, and it is clear these two have been enjoying more than just a friendly game of horse shoes!

Alto Ousted Over Allegations Reply

July 2000--It’s the scandal of the year! Local Representative Vita Alto has resigned over allegations that she stole money from the Community Improvement Fund. The Sunset Valley City Treasurer reported that 300,000 Simoleons of the Le Petit Shark Pool Center Fund went missing last month. Mrs. Alto’s bank records were subpoenaed last week, and someone close to the investigation revealed that Mrs. Alto received an anonymous donation last month in the same amount.

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Alto tendered her resignation at City Hall. Our reporters tried to get a statement from her, but she refused to comment. Her husband, Nick Alto, however, did agree to speak with us. “These allegations against my wife are outrageous. Vita Alto has faithfully served the Sunset Valley community for nearly two decades. Clearly, someone is jealous of her and fabricated this story.”

A confidant of the Alto family said that Mrs. Alto was devastated and could barely pull herself out of bed. Mr. Alto denied this claim. “That is utterly preposterous. Vita Alto fears no one. Vita Alto cowers to no one. She is simply resting and re-grouping.”

When asked if his recent resignation from Goth Industries had anything to do with the allegations against his wife, Mr. Alto responded, “Certainly not! I will always have fond memories of my tenure at Goth Industries, but it is time for me to move on to other endeavors.” Mr. Alto also made it clear that he is standing by his woman. “I have been and will continue to be by my wife’s side every step of the way. Vita Alto will return to the political arena, and she will be the leader of the free world one day. Mark my words.”

Le Petit Shark Pool Center Re-Opens Reply

June 2000 — Summer has arrived in Sunset Valley and Local Representative Vita Alto wants residents to know that Le Petit Shark Pool Center is the perfect place to cool off. “It is imperative that we re-vitalize our community areas to make them attractive places for families to visit. We would hate for our residents to feel the need to travel outside of Sunset Valley’s borders when they can enjoy themselves right at home,” says Mrs. Alto.

Upon entering the pool center, guests will first notice the new grill. Mrs. Alto explains, “People were already bringing their picnic baskets to the pool. The grill will give them additional lunch options.”

A shower was also installed near the restrooms so that guests can rinse the chlorine off their bodies before moving on to their next activity. “Le Petit Shark is a family-friendly environment,” Mrs. Alto reminds us, “so please remember to shower with your bathing suit on.”

During the dog days of summer, guests can find additional shade under the new umbrellas in the patio area. Or, if they don’t mind absorbing the UV rays, they can relax in the pool itself on the new loungers, available for hourly rental at the kiosk.

Perhaps the biggest attraction to Le Petit Shark Pool Center will be the new diving board.

Guests may have to be patient to wait their turn at making a big splash.

Mrs. Alto says opening weekend at the pool was a success. “I have not seen this many Sims at Le Petit since I was a young girl.It’s nice to see the residents pull themselves away from their tvs, computers, and video games and enjoy some good, clean fun at the pool!”

The pool is located at 520 Mirabello Road. Come take a dip today!