Principal’s Office Gets Unexpected Makeover 2

August 2000-Leisure Days signals the beginning of a new school year, but one student wasn’t ready to return to Sunset Valley Community School. Someone broke into the school over the Leisure Day weekend to do some interior decorating.

When the principal’s staff returned to work this week, they found the office blanketed with toilet paper. “It was a mess,” said the principal’s secretary. “I’ve never seen so much toilet paper in my life! It took us the whole day to clean it up.”

When asked if there were any leads in discovering who the vandal was, the principal said, “Our security team examined the tapes from the weekend. We did detect a figure entering and leaving the school. Unfortunately with the rain and the darkness, we weren’t able to make out who it was. The best we can determine is that it appeared to be a teen-aged boy.”

The principal vowed that the toilet paper will not be going to waste. “The vandal actually did us a favor. There’s enough toilet paper here to cover a couple of weeks, so I’m going to reduce the school’s order with our supplier.”


Rain Dampens Leisure Day Reply

August 2000-The threat of heavy rain kept all but Sunset Valley’s most faithful away from the festival grounds today.

Marley Williams didn’t let the rain scare him away. “This is my daughter Malika’s first Leisure Day. We wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Miraj Alvi and Lawrence Lum enjoyed a water balloon fight.

Down at the beach, Clark Sauer found he had the entire ocean to himself. “I can’t believe there aren’t more Sims here. It’s Leisure Day, for Will’s sake! Where’s the community pride? I mean, it’s just rain, right? Sims act like they’ve never seen rain before.”

Back at the Festival Grounds, the annual hot dog eating contest went off without a hitch. This year’s franks were provided by Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner, conveniently located at the corner of Mirabello and Main.

VJ Alvi grinned from ear to ear while chowing down on the hot dogs. “I hate hot dogs, but I know this is killing my old man. He thinks eating pork is a sin.”
Editor’s Note: Hogan would have you know that his franks are all-beef.
Despite VJ’s enthusiasm, Pauline Wan is this year’s hot dog champion.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature made good on her threat of rain, so the fireworks display was cancelled.

Iqbal Alvi tried to shoot off one bundle of fireworks, but the rain put them out.

Mr. Alvi said, “Even though there were no fireworks, I still had a good day. I got to spend time with my sons. They are growing up so fast, and I don’t know how many more Leisure Days I will get to spend with them. That’s what these holidays are all about anyway, spending time with the Sims you love.” Well said, Mr. Alvi. Wherever Sunset Valley’s residents spent their day today, hopefully they spent it with their loved ones.