June 2000 Letters to Editor Reply

I was appalled at your article touting Cornelia Goth’s new-found love of alchemy. Don’t you people realize Cornelia and her sister are witches?

We all know that ghosts freely roam about their mansions.

I even hear the Goths have an enchanted skeleton maid.

Clearly, the Goths and Crumplebottoms are in cahoots with the Grim Reaper himself! I think this newspaper had better learn to present the full story to its readership.

Judy Bunch
Sunset Valley

* * *

Mrs. Bunch,

Our reporter found no evidence of paranormal activity while interviewing Mrs. Goth. The article stands as written.

The Editor-in-Chief,
Sunset Valley Press


* * *

Perhaps Mrs. Bunch feels threatened that more natural medicines will cost her her job at Landgraab Industries.

Hope Carpenter


Gunther Keeps it in the Family Reply

June 2000–Did Gunther Goth marry the wrong Crumplebottom sister? Sources close to the family say Gunther has been making more eye contact with Agnes than with Cornelia at family dinners. I’d be careful if I were Gunther. Those rumors about the Crumplebottom sisters being witches might be true!