September 2000 Birthdays Reply

The following residents are celebrating a birthday this month.

Sunset Valley
Tori Kimura – 24
Rhett Funke – 27
Zelda Mae – 34
Gus Hart – 44
Erin Kennedy – 45
Gunther Goth – 48
Yumi Sekemoto – 70


Tori Loves Life Reply

August 2000 – This summer couldn’t be going better for Tori Kimura. Her chief political rival resigned last month over allegations of a misappropriation of funds. Now, Tori herself has found love in local handyman, Clark Sauer. If I were Tori Kimura, I’d be buying a lottery ticket next!

July 2000 Letters to the Editor Reply

Resignation my foot! Vita Alto scurried away from City Hall like the rat she is because she knew she would be impeached otherwise. I’m not sad to see her go. It’s time for someone with fresh, relevant ideas to guide our town. I hope you will stand with me in supporting Tori Kimura for Local Representative!

Madison VanWatson
Sunset Valley

* * *

I was shocked and saddened at the resignation of Vita Alto. Vita has been my mentor for many years. I would caution anyone who wants to hurl insults at Vita. Though her records may have been subpoenaed, no charges have been pressed against her. In this land, everyone is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Jennifer Martinez
Sunset Valley

* * *

I applaud Nick Alto for his relentless dedication to his wife. I hope the men of Sunset Valley will follow his shining example.

Molly French
Sunset Valley

* * *

I was disappointed that this newspaper spent so much time covering the Alto scandal, that it failed to cover the Llamas’ upset of the Dire Chinchillas last week. The Dire Chinchillas had a perfect record until our team trounced them with a score of 20 – 3. Please remember that there are other newsworthy items besides politics.

Marty “The Mojo” Keaton
Sunset Valley