October 2000 Birthdays Reply

The following residents are celebrating a birthday this month.

Sunset Valley
Arlo Bunch – 10
Mortimer Goth – 10
Michael Bachelor – 16
Ethan Bunch – 16
Jared Frio – 29
Heathcliff Baker – 70

Dear Anna (September 2000) Reply

Dear Anna,

I recently asked my 34-year-old son to move out, and I feel horrible. He and my husband (his dad) were constantly fighting, and I needed some peace. Did I do the right thing?

Bessie Clavell
Sunset Valley

Dear Bessie,

The right thing would have been to push that baby bird out of the nest ten years ago. At 34, your son should be more than capable of taking care of himself. To continue to allow him to mooch off you and your husband would do him and yourselves a disservice. Sonny boy needs to get a j-o-b ASAP if he doesn’t have one already, and he better learn how to do the laundry and cook mac and cheese. It is perfectly reasonable for you to have him over once a week for Sunday dinner, but other than that it’s time for him to sink or swim.

Best Wishes, Anna

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The Andrews Give Back Reply

September 2000 – Ten years ago Beau and Victoria Andrews were on top of the sports world. Beau, a star quarterback for the Bridgeport Bears, had just renewed a multi-million Simoleon contract with the team. Victoria, an ace correspondent for the Sim Sports Programming Network, had just landed an anchor position on the station’s flagship program, “The Nightly Huddle.”

Then disaster struck.

During the final play of the 1990 SimBowl, Beau sustained a hit from an opposing linebacker that not only cost him the game, but his career as well. Beau recalled the moment the doctors told him he would never play again. “It’s like my world ended, man. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Football was my identity. I slipped into a dark depression. I stopped taking care of myself. I wouldn’t work out. I wouldn’t eat right. I isolated myself from other Sims. I don’t know how Vicky stuck with me.”

Instead of leaving Beau, Victoria shocked the nation by resigning from the news desk. “A lot of Sims had criticized SSPN for giving me the job. They said the only reason I got the job was because of my connection to Beau.” Even worse, some called her a gold digger. “I loved working at SSPN, but I loved Beau more. I couldn’t let him go through the darkness alone.”

Victoria and Beau were humbled by the support they received in the beginning. “Sims called and came by all the time,” Beau said, “and they always brought food with them…lots of food. I don’t think Victoria had to cook at all in the first year after my injury.”

“Then the calls stopped coming,” Victoria said. “We were old news. Sims thought Beau should have been over it already.” Not only did Sims stop calling, they started avoiding. “We were outcasts. We would go to a restaurant or a club, and Sims that we used to socialize with regularly wouldn’t make eye contact with us. It was like we didn’t exist anymore.”

Victoria said the treatment she received opened her eyes to the daily plight of others. “There are Sims in our community who are ignored on a daily basis, mainly the elderly and the emotionally disturbed. Sims pretend they don’t exist. We’ve felt their pain. That’s why we’ve started our feast parties.” Beau and Victoria have a once-a-month feast party where they invite over the other “outcasts” of Sunset Valley.

“Someone has to look out for them so that no one can take advantage of them,” Victoria said.

“Other Sims tend to think they are dangerous, but there is nothing wrong with them.”

After the feast, Beau and Victoria engage their guests in a little dancing. Victoria said, “We’re teaching them ballroom dancing now. You should really see Buster Clavell. He’s got some smooth moves!”