Dear Anna (October 2000) 12

Dear Anna,

My son’s girlfriend is a sweet, polite young lady. She helps him with his homework.

She appreciates his small tokens of affection.

And I can tell my son is really happy with her.

She seems perfect, but there is one thing that bothers me.

Whenever she comes over, she finds something in my house to clean. It makes me feel uncomfortable, like she doesn’t approve of how I keep my house. I haven’t said anything because I don’t want to alienate my son. What should I do?

“Married to a Bachelor”
Sunset Valley

Dear “Married”,

If having your son’s girlfriend clean your house bothers you that much, there’s only one thing to do…SEND HER TO MY HOUSE!

I don’t think she means you any ill will. In fact, she seems to be enamored of your son and wants to impress you with her domestic skills. It also sounds like she spends a lot of time at your house, so you should be flattered that your son and his girlfriend enjoy hanging out with the “old folks.” Unless you think she may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, I say let her clean to her heart’s content. Put your feet up, go shopping, get a massage, and enjoy yourself! Save your worrying for real problems.

Best Wishes, Anna


Dear Anna (September 2000) Reply

Dear Anna,

I recently asked my 34-year-old son to move out, and I feel horrible. He and my husband (his dad) were constantly fighting, and I needed some peace. Did I do the right thing?

Bessie Clavell
Sunset Valley

Dear Bessie,

The right thing would have been to push that baby bird out of the nest ten years ago. At 34, your son should be more than capable of taking care of himself. To continue to allow him to mooch off you and your husband would do him and yourselves a disservice. Sonny boy needs to get a j-o-b ASAP if he doesn’t have one already, and he better learn how to do the laundry and cook mac and cheese. It is perfectly reasonable for you to have him over once a week for Sunday dinner, but other than that it’s time for him to sink or swim.

Best Wishes, Anna

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